WATCH: Technology to be used to count votes in spring election

For the first time in more than 100 years, Elections Ontario has made significant changes to how you will vote in the spring election. Technology is being added in the polls, and officials showed off the new equipment at Queen's Park on Wednesday.

About 50 per cent of polling stations servicing 90 per cent of voters will use tabulators, which will count votes electronically.

To protect against hackers and security threats, Chief Electoral Officer Greg Essensa says they have been "very diligent" over the past 18 months doing vulnerability and penetration testing. 

Essensa points out that the tabulators at the polling stations are not connected to the internet, and in case something goes wrong, staff will keep all the paper ballots. 

He admits that technology does break down, which is why staff have been trained to count the votes by hand if need be.

For more information, and for key election dates, go to Election Ontario's website.