WATCH: Toronto closer to getting photo radar and traffic wardens

The city of Toronto is getting closer to introducing photo radar in school zones and placing traffic wardens at busy intersections.

A report going to the public works committee next week, released Tuesday, includes getting moving on the legal agreements that need to be signed to allow the city to get your license plate registration information. 

Mayor John Tory says if approved, there will be a pilot project this summer using the technology. During the pilot, drivers would be warned as opposed to ticketed, while the technology is tested. 

The report also asks for approval to create 100 new school safety zones across the city, which would double the fine for speeding in those areas.

Staff are recommending that councillors allow them to streamline the process for road safety measures like speed humps on local streets, to make it easier and quicker to improve the safety of neighbourhoods. 

"I firmly believe that we have to do everything possible to address safety and congestion," Tory told reporters Tuesday.

Councillors have already approved the hiring of 16 civilian traffic wardens to direct busy intersections. Tory says the job postings are going up this week.

"In the meantime, paid-duty police officers will be deployed starting next Monday, to operate until the traffic wardens are hired and trained," Tory said.

The report goes to the public works committee next Tuesday. ​