WATCH: Toronto staff recommend higher towing fees

Toronto city staff are recommending an increase in tow truck charges, for the first time since 2006.

Councillors will debate a report on Monday that proposes a flat rate of $250 within the city, no matter which public road you are being towed from.

Currently, the fee is $166 from city streets and $188 from highways.

"Any consumer in the city of Toronto knows that prices on gas and other things have gone up significantly in the last 11 years," says Carleton Grant, the city's director of policy and strategic support.

Grant says a harmonized charge will help avoid confusion.

"I think it's important that there is no misunderstanding... just clearer for everyone involved," he says.

Operators will be able to charge an extra $100 if they have to use a winch or special extraction device, but they would have to provide photographic proof.

There is also an extra mileage cost if you're being taken at least 5 km out of the city.

The proposed changes also include a written agreement between operator and drive, to fall into line with new provincial regulations.

The tow consent form would include the fee and detailed information about the operator, like their license number.