WATCH: Train commuters knocked down by wall of snow

People were thrown to the ground by an impressive wall of snow as an Amtrak train pulled into a station outside New York City Wednesday.

Passenger Craig Oleszewski says this was the first train into Rhinecliff, about 169 km north of the Big Apple, the  morning after the region was hit by winter storm Stella.

It appears two different people on the platform at Rhinecliff–Kingston station captured the train-made avalanche.

You can hear a thud as the train first hits the freshly fallen snow, sending it washing over the platform in a wave. Passengers turn their backs to brace against the snow and the person doing the recording appears to be knocked over by the snow.

Oleszewski stayed on his feet, chuckling as the train rolls through the station. You can hear a woman out of view screaming in apparent frustration.