WATCH: Two men arrested, police searching for two more in North York shootout

Toronto Police have two people in custody and have identfied two others, in a shootout that happened near Jane and Finch.

Police were called to the area on Tuesday, when bullets shattered the glass door of a mini-mart. Two vehicles sat crumpled, involved in a head-on collison on the street outside.

Officers have now charged 34-year-old Cosmo James, of Toronto, with two counts of attempted murder, along with several gun-related charges. 34-year-old Nathaniel Grant, of Toronto is also facing several gun-related charges.

Two men, 22-year-old Dwight John, and 20-year-old Malik Christie are still wanted on charges of attempted murder and various gun charges.

Toronto Police

Officers say this one appeared to have started inside the mini-mart, with words exchanged, and then spilled outside where the shooting took place.

A gun was recovered from the scene.

Toronto Police

There were no injuries reported as a result of the gunfight, but police say one person suffered injuries as a result of the collision.