WATCH: Vulgar rant caught on camera in road rage incident


OPP are investigating after a man was caught on video screaming obscenities in a case of road rage on the 427.

The woman who shot the video was in the car with her mother and a friend Wednesday night.

They say they were travelling northbound and had moved into the left lane to pass a truck, driving at 110 km/hr.

That's when, they say, the driver behind them began honking and flashing his high beams.

The mother was on Moore in the Morning on NEWSTALK 1010. She's asked not to be identified.

"As quickly as my back end cleared the truck...that vehicle squeezes between my back end and the truck's front end and goes around," she says.

That wasn't the end of it. She says the man cut in front of them and started pumping the brakes before coming to a complete stop in the left lane of the highway.

He can be seen in the video, getting out of his vehicle and yelling profanity at the three women.