WATCH: Woman falls asleep on a GO train, gets locked in

A woman from Durham is not happy with Metrolinx after she fell asleep on a GO Train and woke up at 1:30 a.m., locked inside, with no one around.

Victoria Munroe tells CTV Toronto she woke up to 16 missed calls from her boyfriend. "I'm sitting on a train, partially freaking out. I have no food. I have no idea where I am," she says.

Munroe used the last of her phone's battery power to call him and he called GO Transit. About 45 minutes later, an employee showed up and unlocked the train.

Metrolinx has admitted this was a mistake on their part. Crews are supposed to inspect the trains when they arrive at their final stop.

"I don't know in this circumstance whether or not she had slid down a little bit and we couldn't see her," spokesperson Anne Marie Aikins tells Moore in the Morning. "In any event, we missed her."

Munroe is upset by the situation and by the response she received from Metrolinx.

"We want to remedy that for sure," Aikins says. 

She says Metrolinx has made some offers to reimburse Munroe for her trips and says, "hopefully we'll talk to her today."