WATCH: York Regional Police want you to call 911 to report suspected impaired drivers

York Regional Police want you to be a tattletale.

At the start of the long weekend, they are launching their summer campaign to fight impaired driving. "Your Call" puts the focus on people who see drivers stumble to their cars, swerve on the road or slump behind the wheel. The people who dial 911 to report the dangerous behaviour.

Police want you to keep it up.

They say more than 1,000 such reports have been made to 911 in York Region so far this year, leading to more than 600 impaired driving charges.

Police have shared video of one such instance from December 2017. It shows a concerned citizen who had called 911 to report a driver crossing into oncoming traffic and driving off the road and then followed the car. Acting on the man's tip, police were able to stop the driver, who slurred his speech as an officer questioned him. Police allege his blood alcohol level was nearly four times the legal limit.