WATCH: Young boy was reportedly steps away from Jamestown gunfire

Toronto Police have called the latest shooting in Rexdale, "disgusting."

It was on Saturday, around 9:30, when the shooting happened, as an 8-year-old boy was trapped between the shooters and the intended target. Bullets whizzed past him, but thankfully, none made contact.

Supt. Ron Taverner says the two people who opened fire showed what he called a "callous disregard for life."

The boy was playing with friends, when he went to a neighbour, to buy a popsicle across the street from the Toronto Community Housing Building, where he lives. He was on his way back when the shooting happened.

In all, 15 shell casings were found at the scene and Taverner say two different "high-powered" handguns were used.

The getaway vehicle was a 2010 to 2014 Toyota Rav4. It's believed there were three people inside.

Police say the boys in the area were playing a game of "Hide from the Black Car", because traditionally there have been black SUVs where shooters have come out of and fired in the area.

In addition to wanting to speak with those who fired the bullets, Police are still hunting for the person who was the target.

And they say a canvass of the area, has failed to turn up any leads.