"We're not out of the woods yet"

There's been some good news coming out of the Ottawa Valley in recent days; water levels there have started to recede.

Here's why that matters here in Toronto.

The waterways are connected, and Lake Ontario levels have been rising  because there's more water entering the basin and the International Lake Ontario St Lawrence River Board is reducing the outflows into the St Lawrence, from the lake. Thus protecting places like Montreal from flooding.

However, they say water levels in the upper great lakes, are reaching record highs, and that water will be filtering down, over the next few weeks.

"We're not out of the woods yet." says Jacob Bruxer from the board. "It's going to be a slow rise over the next couple of weeks at least, and hopefully that peak will come sooner rather than later, and we'll start to see those levels decline."

The City of Toronto says the level of Lake Ontario is still 10cms lower than it was when the Island flooded in 2017.

While that sounds like we have plenty of wiggle room, we don't.

"Levels are still rising, with another storm in the forecast this week, and still lots of time for precipitation and wind events." says Bruxer.

And it's those wind events that could cause the damage and the flooding, with waves caused by storm surges.

But as of right now, according to City of Toronto spokesperson Brad Ross, "The island remains open and we don't anticipate that to change."