Weather Network says spring will arrive late in much of Canada

One of Canada's most high-profile weather forecasters says spring will be a little late this year.

In its spring forecast released on Monday, the Weather Network says temperatures across much of the country will be colder through March and early April before eventually warming up toward the end of the season.

Chief Meteorologist Chris Scott says British Columbia in particular will have a cooler spring than usual.

He says the Prairies will also have to contend with temperatures lower than they're used to for March and early April, but that, in combination with minimal snowpack, reduces the risk of flooding during the eventual thaw.

Moving east to Ontario and Quebec, Scott says that while temperatures rose in February, they're expected to swing back down and the region can expect to see either snow, ice or rain storms.

He says Atlantic Canada has had a relatively mild winter thus far and the biggest snowfall has yet to come in some places.