What a "Rush" as Wynne and Ford drop by Newstalk 1010 Monday

It's not often you get a showdown of this magnitude in one place. It started with NDP Leader Andrea Horwath on Moore in the morning on Newstalk 1010.

Then Premier Kathleen Wynne and newly minted PC leader Doug Ford both joined Ryan and Jay on the Rush Monday afternoon.

The Ontario Provincial election is still months away, but it sounds like both are ready.

For Wynne, when asked about the polls, she says she's aware of her own popularity.

"I hear from people who love what we're doing, I hear from people who hate what we're doing, I hear from people who are somewhere in the middle."

Wynne added she'll pass people on the street who won't give her the time of day.

Speaking of popularity, PC Leader Doug Ford says he knows there are those out there who don't like him.

"I've delt with them for five or six years,those are the people that always want to get their hands in the taxpayers pocket. Those days are done."

And Ford wants to set the record straight when it comes to the Liberals claim that his new party will slash plenty of funding to balance the books.

"I look at efficiencies, driving efficiencies, managing the province, managing your hard earned dollars like we run a business."

Wynne's Liberals are trailing in the poles, but the Premier now in her 5th year at the top, wants to continue her run in one form or another.

" I'm going to do everything I can to run to win this election to continue to be the leader of the Liberal party and to continue to be the Premier."

Ford believes good old fashion one on one problem solving when reaching out to your local mpp is sorely lacking.

"It's about implementing customer service. So when you call up the province,someone is actually going to pick up the phone welcome to ministry ABC how can we help you?"

Ford admitted he has great respect for Wynne and will not underestimate her during this upcoming campaign.

The voters go to the polls on June 7th.


with files from Dave Bradley