What about paying to move people away from flood-prone areas?

There's a state of emergency in place in 15 communities around Ontario, because of flooding.

In some of these cases, the same homes have been flooded in two of the last three years. As a matter of fact, some homes in Ottawa and Quebec, have just finished being rebuilt from the floods in 2017.

So what do we do now? You can't shut off the water. But you can move the residents.

That's what one group is suggesting.

In fact, the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction is suggesting the provincial and federal governments set up a fund, to relocate people away from the flood prone areas.

"You can argue that it was the government that allowed developments in these areas in the first place, and you sometimes assume that because a development was approved, you'd be safe there," says Glenn McGillivray, a managing partner.

And he says why not? You either pay now, or pay later.

"Whether it's the construction of flood defence infastructure or through continuous disaster assistance payments, or it's through buyouts, we're going to pay one way or the other, so let's look at the most efficient way to keep people safe."

Most people in those areas, likely don't have flood insurance anyway, so the threat of not being able to get insurance won't drive them away. McGillivary says only about 40% of Canadians have flood insurance.

So far, there's no indication either the feds or the province are showing any indication they'll adopt the idea.