What's with the backup on Richmond?

If you've been on Richmond Street, west of Yonge this week, you know what kind of nightmare it's been.

A bottle-neck caused by what appars to be construction just before Peter Street, has all but one lane blocked off.

But NEWSTALK1010 has learned it's not building construction, that has led to the closure.

It's an emergency fix, because some MENSA grad dumped concrete or grout down the sewer, where it hardened.

That means Toronto Water officials have to replace about 45 meters of pipe.

"There was significant amount of debris in that pipe that we could not remove with conventional methods, so we have no choice by to excavate, remove the pipe and replace with new." says Frank Trinchini from Toronto Water.

The work should be completed sometime around Wednesday, May 16th.

And Trinchini says they will be chasing down the company, and hold them accountable for this, making them cover the costs of the sewer pipe replacement.

"45 meters, you're looking at 2 to 3 thousand a meter, so we're looking at 90 to 120 thousand dollars."