Who's taking care of the caregivers?

A majority of Canada's doctors report having good mental health overall, but a significant proportion report having problems.

The Canadian Medical Association says that includes burnout, depression and even thoughts of suicide.

Results of a national online survey completed by more than 25-hundred physicians and 400 medical residents found reported rates of burnout and depression were higher among residents than practising physicians.

They were also more prevalent among female doctors.

But 82 per cent of physicians and residents indicated they had high resilience.

The survey also shows medical residents were 48 per cent more likely to report burnout and 95 per cent more likely to screen positive for depression than all other physician groups.

Doctors in practice for 31 years or longer reported the highest sense of emotional, social and psychological well-being.

Dr. Murray Erlich, a retired Toronto psychiatrist who now works with doctors as a life coach, says he is shocked to learn that 19 per cent of respondents had experienced thoughts of suicide.