Wife claims 'mock IED' was alarm clock

It wasn't a bomb, but an alarm clock.

The wife of the American man charged with mischief after US Customs says a mock improvised explosive device that was found in a suitcase, wasn't a bomb at all. She says it was an alarm clock that looked like a robot.

Joseph Galaska, 58, was headed home to the Milwaukee area after spending time in Brazil with his wife and a friend.

She remembers seeing him pack the alarm clock, even calling it a toy.

She spoke to reporters in Milwaukee.

“It’s a toy, I swear to God, it's a clock,” she said. "It's not a bomb at all, it's just an alarm clock."

The flight was supposed to take off from Toronto to Chicago at around 7 on Thursday morning, but instead it sat on the tarmac for four hours while officials investigated.

The woman claims her husband is innocent.

Galaska was granted $5 thousand bail, but was held through the weekend in custody. 

His lawyers tell CTV News he's on an immigration hold by the Canada Boarder Services Agency.

Lawyer Naomi Lutes says Galaska is eager to get home and is, "looking forward to pleading not guilty at the earliest opportunity and defending against this charge."

With files from Tiffany Hendsbee