Will Liberals reconsider minimum wage increase?

Ontario's premier isn't giving the sense that public consultations on the drastic minimum wage increase could lead to the Liberals reconsidering their position.

In May, Premier Kathleen Wynne announced plans to hike the wage to $15-an-hour by 2019.

Business owners are worried the 32 per cent increase will force them into bankruptcy or to lay off employees.

MPPs are collecting feedback over the next couple of weeks but it sounds as if this is a done deal.

"The committee hearings are happening right now across the province and we'll be looking at good ideas in terms of how to work with small business," says Premier Wynne. "We need to make sure that in Ontario if you're working full-time, if you are earning a full-time wage, that you're actually able to look after yourself and you're actually able to look after your family in a decent way and a fair way. That's why we're making the changes that we're making."

Yesterday, PC leader Patrick Brown called the consultations a "charade."

"When they're hearing businesses saying this is too much, too soon. That they haven't been given proper notice. That this is going to kill jobs for low-income, vulnerable workers. The government doesn't seem to want to hear that," Brown adds.