Workers caught smoking pot on Eglinton Crosstown LRT construction site

Metrolinx says it's shocked after three workers were caught smoking pot on an Eglinton Crosstown LRT construction site.

Yesterday, a woman who lives near Eglinton Ave. East and Bayview Ave. reported to a parking enforcement officer that she saw three workers getting high in the morning and during the lunch hour.

The supervisor was notified and the site was immediately shut down, the 25-person crew was sent home. "We're absolutely happy that she did report it in because that's a complete violation of our health and safety regulations that we expect all of our contractors to follow. It was a safety violation, for sure," says Anne-Marie Aikins with Metrolinx.

The woman wasn't able to fully identify the workers, though. "She could only identify them that they had Crosslinx uniforms on and their protective equipment on. She couldn't identify them any further than that," explains Aikins.

A full investigation is underway and the workers will, hopefully, be identified. In the meantime, Crosslinx has assured Metrolinx that it's increasing surveillance of workers.

Work resumed on the site today.