Would you stick this to your windshield?

Toronto police are renewing a push to try to reduce car break-ins in mall parking lots, adopting a campaign they say has significantly reduced the crime in Halton region.

Officers are handing out bright yellow placards for drivers to stick to their car that read, "No Valuables On Board."

Police say it reminds shoppers to put their valuables away, but also defers would-be thieves.

Many shoppers at Sherway Gardens, though, wonder if the placard would bring attention to their car.

"It's a bright sign so I don't know if they would be deterred, or look harder," Lisa says on her way into the mall.

Toronto police say there were 7,700 vehicle break-ins in the city in 2016.

In Halton region, where police launched the same campaign in 2010, Staff Sgt Craig Platt says they were able to significantly reduce the number of such crimes.

"If we remove one of the elements, the victim, the offender, or the opportunity, the crime collapses."