York Region officer sentenced to 8-months in jail

An officer from York Region, has been sentenced to eight months in jail, for his role in the death of an 18-year-old girl.

The woman stepped off a bus in February of 2014, and proceed to cross St Clair near Warden, when she was struck and killed by a pickup truck being driven by the officer.

The court heard that Remo Romano was on duty at the time, and was driving at more than 50km/h over the limit, trying to catch up with his surveilance team.

The woman was jaywalking.

The truck he was driving was unmarked and had no lights or sirens.

He was convicted of dangerous driving causing death and sentenced to jail time.

But this isn't the first trial for this case. Earlier trials ended first with a hung jury, and then an acquittal for Romano.

Given this sentence, Romano plans to appeal and is asking for bail, while he awaits the next step.