York Regional Police release list of no-no's for Frosh Week

It's a posting that is obviously tongue-in-cheek, but it always seems to get attention.

York Regional Police are once again out with a list of common Frosh pranks, in the lead-up to Frosh Week 2017.

There are some disturbing pranks, and some disgusting ones on the list, while others are just down right dangerous.

Crane climbing is a no-no, and punishable by two years in jail or a $5,000 fine.

Don't bother setting up a fake gofundme account for a friend who isn't really sick. That could cost you 14 years in jail and your spot in heaven, according to the list.

"There are some that the public will likely have to look up on Google." says Constable Andy Pattenden with York Regional Police.

Take the lemon glacier.

"It's one of the oldest pranks in the book, when urine is placed on a cafeteria tray, put in the freezer and then slid under the door of an unsuspecting neighbour. The ice melts and you end up with a puddle." explains Pattenden.

"It's quite disgusting."

But police aren't telling your kids not to have fun on Frosh Week, just reminding them that there are consequences to any pranks.