York Regional Police to "name and shame" alleged drunk drivers

It's not a new idea, but in a place like York Region, it's one they are willing to try.

"Effective immediately, officers will begin naming the people charged with criminal driving offences as it relates to impaired driving."  says police spokesperson Constable Andy Pattenden.

Just this past weekend, 16 drivers were charged with a total of 27 drunk driving offences, and that appears to be the straw that broke the camel's back.

"Our Chief has had enough." says Pattenden.

The names, ages, hometowns and charges will be released on a weekly basis, posted to both the York Regional Police website, and their social media.

The reason they are doing this, is because nothing else has worked.

"The issue we're facing is despite all of our efforts for education and enforcement, the numbers just continue to rise. So, we're really trying everything."

Other areas have started "naming and shaming" years ago, and places like Durham Region, Sudbury and Niagara continue to do it today.

Pattenden says they've spoken with the other groups some who claim it works, while others don't. Still, he says it's worth a try.

"The message from us is that we're not giving up. We're going to find new and different ways to try and combat this problem."