York University workers reject latest offer

It comes as no surprise, but striking workers at York University have rejected the school's latest contract vote.

The union had called it a "forced ratification vote", and they had instructed their membership to reject the offer last week.

On Monday afternoon, the union confirmed that all three bargaining units voted overwhelmingly in favour of rejecting the deal.

The results were very clear with 86% of members who voted in Unit 1 and Unit 2, rejecting the offer, while 98% in Unit 3 voted against the deal.

Workers walked off the job back on March 5th, with the main issues surrounding job security for part-time workers, and the path to full-time tenured employment for contract faculty.

In a statement, the school says "York University is deeply disappointed with the vote by members of CUPE 3903 in Units 1, 2 and 3 in rejecting our contract offers which improve upon contracts which already lead in total compensation, benefits and job security provisions in Ontario.  We are carefully considering our limited options to end the strike."

The university says it's still not too late to save the winter and summer terms.