You may be 'liking' the latest scam on Facebook

You've probably seen it when you scroll though your Facebook feed.

Photos of a child sick with cancer, or a little girl who wasn't wished a happy birthday. Then the post asks you to like it or share it with your friends.

What you don't know, is that in most cases, this is a scam.

It's called 'like-farming', and it can mean trouble.

As that post gains likes, it gains traction and starts to show up in more and more Facebook feeds. That's when the scammers change it, adding a link that will give your computer a virus.

"It could be anything. It could be something that allows them to remotely take control of your computer, or capture your usernames and passwords, which they may use or sell to someone else." says NEWSTALK1010's Tech Expert Carmi Levy.

He says Facebook claims they are trying to do something to crack down on this, but there's only one way to realistically protect yourself.

"It's perfectly acceptable to risk being called horrible, you don't have to click like on everything you see."