The Night Side with Barb DiGiulio

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Barb keeps you company in the evening with a light and entertaining look at the world.  Fun interviews with interesting people.

  • What Does Your Car Say About You?

    We talk to Communications Expert, Steve Rohr about what your car says about you!
  • A Streetcar Named Desire Ballet

    We talk to Sonia Rodriguez, Principal Dancer with the National Ballet of Canada about A Streetcar Named Desire playing June 3-10 at the Four Seasons Centre in Toronto. Find out more about this ballet which isn't a strict retelling of the original story.
  • What Does It Feel Like To Have Arthritis?

    We talk to Douglas Emerson, Senior Manager of Communication and Promotion at The Arthritis Society about the Walk to Fight Arthritis.
  • Man Runs On The Road (University Avenue)

    We found a dashcam video from Ahmed Karam (@kushari on Twitter) and it showed a man running on the street on University Avenue in Downtown Toronto. He was in shock when people honked at him. Have you seen runners do this?
  • Condo Conflict Mediators

    As more families move into condos, more conflicts between neighbours are escalating. Some have turned to condo conflict mediators, after instances of “revenge flashing” and loud music. Barb discusses this with condo mediator Marc Bhalia.
  • Women In Trades

    We talk to Luciano Di Loreto, WENTT Organizer and Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program Project Leader about the Women Entering Non-Traditional Trades Conference and why women are just as good as men when it comes to the trades.
  • Pay What You Can Soup Stand In Toronto

    Here's our interview with Jagger Gordon of Feed It Forward, head chef of a "pay what you can" soup stand that's opening in Toronto.
  • Interview With Queer Syrian Refugee & Author Ahmad Danny Ramadan

    We talk to Ahmad Danny Ramadan about his new book "The Clothesline Swing" and his experience as a refugee who faced persecution. He also came to Canada on our refugee program! Here's our amazing chat with him.

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