The Night Side with Barb DiGiulio

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Barb keeps you company in the evening with a light and entertaining look at the world.  Fun interviews with interesting people.

  • What's the big mistake 90% of job interviewees make?

    We talk to Liz Ryan, CEO and Founder of Human Workplace about job interview mistakes and how to improve your job interview skills.
  • What can we learn from animals about raising our kids?

    We talk to Dr. Jennifer Verdolin, biologist, adjunct professor at Duke University, and author of “Raised by Animals: The Surprising New Science of Animal Family Dynamics” about how we can learn a lot from animals!
  • Malls Are Turning To Food Trucks To Boost The Shopping Experience

    Our interview with James Cunningham, host of TV's Eat Street, chats with us about what malls are doing with food trucks.
  • Cleaning Out Your Financial Cobwebs

    We talk to Kelley Keehn, award-winning author, financial finance educator, and consumer advocate for the Financial Planning Standards Council about cleaning out your financial cobwebs during tax season, how long you should keep your documents and more!
  • What You Should Never Say To Someone Coming Out

    Barry Manilow recently came out as gay. We were reminded that you should never say "I already knew" as a response. We talked to Sun News Columnist (and lesbian) Sue-Ann Levy about this.
  • Tilt Arcade Bar Fighting Eviction

    Our chat with Tilt owner Nathan Hunter about his fight with his landlord over his upcoming eviction and potential replacement with a "boutique hotel". This eviction also coincides with tenants above receiving short eviction notices.
  • Update on the Ontario Autism Program

    Our chat with Nancy Marchese, Executive Director and Founder of Breakthrough Autism about the report with recommendations for the new Ontario Autism Program
  • Interview with Design Expert Andrew Pike

    Our chat with the Marilyn Denis Show resident Design Expert, Andrew Pike.

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