The Night Side with Barb DiGiulio

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Barb keeps you company in the evening with a light and entertaining look at the world.  Fun interviews with interesting people.

  • Is The License Plate GRABHER Offensive?

    We talk to Lorne Grabher, of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia about the province cancelling his license plate "GRABHER" due to it being offensive. It's his last name!
  • Black Women and Asian Men Are At a Disadvantage When It Comes to Dating

    We talk to Sofi Papamarko, founder of Friend of a Friend Matchmaking about a recent article she wrote about this topic. We also took caller reaction to this topic which was very interesting!
  • Meet Julia, The Muppet With Autism

    We talk to Nancy Marchese, Executive Director of Breakthrough Autism about the new breakthrough for kids TV that Sesame Street is bringing us.
  • Struggling With Oxycontin

    Night Side regular and lawyer Darryl Singer has written an op-ed in the Globe and Mail about his struggles with OxyContin. We talk to him about it.
  • Noah Maloney -- The Man Who Is Eating A Picture Of Jason Segel Every Day

    We talk to Noah Maloney who is eating a picture of Jason Segel live on the air. Check out his YouTube channel here:
  • Hangover Cures With Dr. Mitch Shulman

    We talk about the "hair of the dog" hangover cure with NEWSTALK 1010 Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Mitch Shulman.
  • Hospital Horror Story

    We talk to Genevieve LeBlanc about her experience at a Toronto hospital, with the room she was being treated in being in disgusting condition.
  • Interview with Darryl Singer about Referral Fees

    The Ontario Law Society cracks down on referral fees and ads. We talk to personal injury lawyer Darryl Singer about this.

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