The Rush with Ryan Doyle & Jay Michaels

An in-depth look at the big news that happened while you were at work. Interviews with the newsmakers of the day, including longform discussions and feature guests that no other station in Toronto can deliver. Ryan and Jay also hit the streets, getting the word from the public -- a fresh new way to bring content to listeners.

  • Flexible Working Hours

    Another perk from the federal budget - allowing federally-regulated workers to request flexible work arrangements from their employers!
  • The Rush Round Table - March 28th, 2017

    Councillor Glenn De Baeremaker isunhappy about the Scarborough subway dithering and he wants you to know about it! This and more in today's round table.
  • Banning Energy Drinks

    Do we really need an outright ban on energy drinks in the city? One dad says yes.
  • How far should loss prevention officers be allowed to go?

    Ryan and Jay talk about a video that appears to show a loss prevention officer having used force on a suspected shoplifter. How far should they be allowed to go?
  • The Rush Round Table - March 27th, 2017

    One young person a day is shot in Ontario… but should doctors be butting their nose into your business? Ryan and Jay ask the panel on today's round table!
  • The Rush Round Table - March 24, 2017

    Finance Minister Bill Morneau doubles down on his story about a conversation with a cabbie! Ryan and Jay toss this around with the panel on the Rush round table.
  • Violence in the Classroom

    You've heard from our newsroom about the SNAP program in schools... but wait until you hear what one board does when a student acts out. Katherine Purdy, mom of a Grade 4 girl, tells Ryan and Jay that her daughter has class evacuated a few times a month.
  • IVF Tax Credit

    A tax credit for fertility includes "single women" and not everyone is happy about it.