“A nightmare I can’t run away from,” alleged nursing home victim’s son speaks out

It has been an emotional journey for the family of one the victims of alleged killer former nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer.

Wettlaufer is set to appear in court Wednesday. She is accused of murdering eight elderly nursing home residents including Arpad Horvath in London.

On Tuesday, Arpad Horvath Junior returned to his father’s gravesite to pay his respects. His father’s body was one of two exhumed by investigators last month.

Horvath Junior says a small service was held for his father last Friday as his body was returned to his resting place.

“It was tough to swallow, tough to watch,” says Horvath Junior on the exhuming of his father’s body. “It’s painful to say goodbye to someone once, but when you have to say goodbye to them again it’s just too painful… just quietly keeping my head bowed in respect for my father, basically saying we’ll meet again some time, and I’m sorry for all the hell you have to go through… It’s a reality that I can’t escape and it’s a nightmare I can’t run away from.”

Wettlaufer also faces charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault in relation to six other victims.

According to court documents police allege she injected six of the 14 nursing home residents with insulin.