Car hits two townhouses, driver and passenger flee

Residents were left shaken after being awoken by a Ford Mustang crashing into the front of two townhouses early Wednesday morning.

Around 4 a.m. police say they got a call about a vehicle crashing into the front of a home at 1732 Culver Drive in east London. Witnesses told police that two men were seen fleeing the vehicle. The adjacent home, 1734 Culver Drive, was also struck.

According to Constable Rob Brown, one person showed up at hospital with injuries sustained in a crash. An officer at the hospital was able to determine that the person was a suspect in this particular incident.

Police attended the home of the vehicle’s owner but no one was home.

As for the occupants of the two townhomes, no one was injured, but they say they were left shaken. Speaking with CTV News off camera, one home owner says she was sleeping on her couch under the front window, just feet away from where the car struck.

Relatives of an older couple which owns 1732 Culver say that the pair is upset but not injured and that damage to the inside of the home is severe. The front wall of the house was pushed in due to the force of the crash. The front lawn is torn up, and pieces of the vehicle are scattered across the two properties.

Fire crews and Union Gas were called in to monitor gas levels in case of a leak.

Police did provide an update stating that the occupant of the vehicle in hospital suffered minor injuries. Whether the suspect was the driver or not has not been confirmed.