Councillors allow site to be called Vimy Ridge Park temporarily

A compromise of sorts came from City Hall Thursday on what to do with a pair of green spaces both vying to be called “Vimy Ridge Park.”

A site near the Charlie Fox Roundabout has been operating under the name without permission from City.

Councillors voted to allow the site to bear the name temporarily while a search is conducted for the best possible location. The Trafalgar site may be needed for the province’s high speed rail project.

Staff has previously recommended that another site vying for the name is not an ideal location saying that Mildred Barons Park is not seen as a prominent enough location.

Thursday night some councilors suggested the Parkwood Hospital Grounds would be ideal, but ultimately the search will take six to eight months.

That means missing the 100th anniversary of the famous battle, and so the Trafalgar location will bear the name at least until the search is completed.