28 Scholarships Awarded To Local Students

Some elementary and secondary students in Windsor-Essex are smiling from ear to ear.

On Thursday, the 28 students received scholarships ranging from $1200 to $2000 from WFCU Credit Union.

Tom Banks' daughter Lexie received a scholarship. He says he's proud of his daughter.

"She's doing a lot better then I did I'm telling you.  It makes me proud, big time."

Grade 7 student Noah Cherian says he was thrilled to hear he was receiving a scholarship.

"I was really excited after that, like my sister wanted to have the scholarship but she didn't get it so she of course was a little angry.  I was happy."

WFCU President & CEO Eddie Francis says the credit union received 340 scholarship applications.

"It's great to see the creative ideas. It's great to see the vision.  It's great to see the youth of our community so engaged in the wellness of our community, so engaged in terms of playing a role into the future development of our community."

Over the past 15 years, the credit union has has handed out a total of 241 youth post secondary school scholarships worth $128,000 through the scholarship program.

The scholarships are part of the Harold Hewitt Scholarship program.

Hewitt was a long term director on the board but has since passed away.