6 Thoughts You Have When Attend A Spin Class For The First Time In Almost A Lifetime...

1.  don't wanna sit in the front [Damnit, I have to sit in the front because I took too long trying to make myself look good, so now I'm late.


2. Okay, we are two minutes in and I feel I am going to either a) throw up b) faint or c) a very unattractive combination of both.


3. Will the instructor notice if I only pretend to up the resistance on my bike? 


4. I'm the only one in here with a plastic water bottle, they know I'm not one of them and now they think I hate the environment.


5. Okay, one more 'hill' to climb, 'Don't die, don't die.' 


6. DONE! When's the next  class? I gotta get this booty poppin.' That was too easy.