Anti-poverty advocates list recommendations to city committee

  Community advocates in London are urging the city to do more to help those break the cycle of poverty.

On Monday, the strategic priorities and policy committee will receive a letter from the London Community Advocates Network (LCAN) outlining a number of recommendations as the committee tries to plot its goals for the next four years.

LCAN is comprised of roughly 50 organizations that help Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program recipients.

Its biggest push is for more affordable housing options.

According to LCAN, there are 4700 people on the wait list for affordable housing and cannot contend with rent above the $1000 per month mark.

It wants the city to set a definition of affordable housing and enforce this figure when negotiating bonuses with developers who are looking for zoning bylaw changes.

Other recommendations include improved access to support services for mental health and addiction, paying a living wage and promoting it to other London employers and creating more childcare spaces.

The strategic priorities and policy committee meets Monday at 4 p.m. inside council chambers.