Armstrong says inmates, staff at risk at EMDC

A London MPP is decrying “deplorable conditions” at the Elgin Middlesex Detention Centre.

London-Fanshawe NDP MPP Teresa Armstrong said in a news release that the Ontario government has failed to improve staff shortages and overcrowded corrections facilities, putting staff and inmates at risk.

“It’s simply unacceptable that public safety in London has been allowed to deteriorate to this point,” said Armstrong.

“Despite years of Liberal promises and platitudes, staff shortages and overcrowded facilities in a state of disrepair are the new normal in Ontario corrections.”

Armstrong goes on to say that the situation is worse for those inmates with mental health issues, who are housed in solitary confinement because of no safe alternatives.

“The latest delay in delivering an X-ray body scanner to EMDC will make things even worse and continue to put public safety at risk,” she said.

An X-ray body scanner was expected to arrive at the facility this past fall.