Blaze location and heat impede firefighters

A fire at a Adelaide Street home proved to be a challenge for firefighters to extinguish.

The Sunday afternoon blaze started in a basement of a residence near Edna Street.

“It’s been a tough one to get at. It’s in the basement in an alcove that’s blocked off,” said District Fire Chief Dave Robb.

He said the crew had to attack the fire from the exterior of the home and encountered double layer bricks.

“We also had to take out the floor and attack it from above.”

The fire is under investigation and the cause is not known at this time, he said.

The extreme heat was also debilitating for the firefighters.

“It’s like putting on a snowmobile suit and walking out in 100-degree weather. The basement was very hot when they went in there. They experienced a flashover.”

Firefighters spent a few hours at the scene, with a block of Adelaide Street blocked to traffic.