Bruce Dickinson Isn't Worried About Posers In Iron Maiden Ts

Metalheads have been frustrated over the years by the growing trend of celebrities wearing heavy metal T-shirts as high fashion.

One need only stop by any high-end casual fashion retailer to see appropriation of heavy metal iconography is very much in vogue. 

But Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson isn't as bothered by posers as many of his fans undoubtedly are. A great design is a great design, he says; anyone can see that.

"Well, they're cool things," Dickinson says of Iron Maiden's imagery in a recent interview with Q104.3 New York's Out of the Box with Jonathan Clarke. "So eventually somebody is going to take something like that...

"It's like Marvel comics. When I was a kid a long, long time ago, nobody thought Marvel comics were cool; they were like trash. People would trash them all the time...Then all of the sudden, they become pop art. And now they're like iconic images of a certain time. So things do move on up, through the years.”

The frontman suggests that, if anything, celebrities repping his band has helped it grow and remain relevant. He says he's constantly amazed at how Iron Maiden seems to get more popular every year. 

"Back in the day in the '80s, we'd do like one show at [Madison Square] Garden, and now we've just done four shows in the New York area. So, how come we're four times bigger than we were in the '80s? We haven't suddenly grown a whole bunch of people, dare I say it, of my age.

"So what we're doing is building up this great new fanbase of kids. A lot of kids would have discovered Maiden with this new album, Book of Souls. And they'll go back and discover all the mythology of the band. So it's brilliant to have that."

Dickinson has been on the road promoting his autobiography, What Does This Button Do?, which is available now.

Listen to the full interview below:

Original article by Andrew Magnotta at iHeartRadio