CAA warns heat can also cause peformance issues for vehicles

There could be a run on car batteries come Tuesday.

The CAA South Central Ontario is expecting a high volume of calls for services over the long weekend, which is predicted to peak on Tuesday.

With extreme heat throughout southern Ontario, the CAA says it’s not just the cold that can affect batteries.

Canadians are used to plugging in batteries during cold snaps, but don’t think about their batteries in the summer.

Extreme heat can weaken a vehicle battery and shorten its lifespan. It's best to have a charging system test performed to check, not only the battery but the entire electrical system of your vehicle, the CAA says.

Rising humidity may also cause your vehicle to break down due to overheating, it says.

"Many people worry about their batteries failing in the winter, but intense heat can be just as much an issue as the bitter cold," says Kaitlynn Furse, manager of public relations for CAA SCO.