Call for public input on amalgamating Oxford County municipalities

Municipalities in Oxford County as we know them could one day disappear under Ontario Premier Doug Ford's government.

Public input began Wednesday in a regional governance review of 82 upper- and lower-tier municiplaities, including the eight rural and urban communities that make up Oxford County.

South-West Oxford Mayor David Mayberry says he welcomes the review, and he encourages residents to get involved.

However, on the prospect of amalgamating Oxford’s municipalities into one, he adds that doing things cheaper doesn’t always mean better service for constituents.

The move by Ford harkens back to Mike Harris’s PC government of the late 90s which forced amalgamations across the province, including several GTA municipalities which would form what was then known as the mega-city.

Those who live or work in communities under review can register to speak at public input sessions or make comments online at government beginning Wednesday, and closing on May 21.

Results of the regional governance review are expected by early summer.