December warmer than normal, but January will be colder

The month of December, 2016 will go down as warmer than normal in Ontario, but with above average precipitation, Environment Canada says.

The month saw precipitation totals that were as much as 75 per cent above normal in some areas, including southern and northwestern Ontario.

A number of low pressure systems were to blame.

Looking ahead, to the first two weeks in January, Geoff Coulson, the agency’s warning preparedness meteorologist, is predicting below normal temperatures for the province, except in eastern Ontario, where it will be near normal.

“During the second half of the month, there isn’t a clear signal as to whether temperatures will be significantly different than normal,” he says.

With regards to precipitation, there is expected to be more precipitation than normal for areas to the lee of the Great Lakes.  Water temperatures are still running warmer than normal, which may lead to increased snow squall activity.”