EEG technician at LHSC charged with sexual assault

  Tuesday morning London police announced that they have charged an EEG technician formerly employed by LHSC with sexual assault after a woman reported being drugged and assaulted.

According to police the victim underwent an EEG (electroencephalogram) procedure on April 11 and alleges that she was injected with a sedative that put her to sleep. When she woke she says she was being sexually assaulted.

The incident was first reported to police on May 11 and an investigation was launched.

Vincent Gauthier, 24, of London is charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of overcoming resistance by administering or attempting to administer a drug.

Police are concerned there may be other victims and encourage anyone who may have had a similar experience to come forward.

Gauthier was an employee of LHSC since May of 2015. He was based at Victoria Hospital until September 2016 at which time he transferred to University Hospital. He was suspended on April 25, 2018.

LHSC announced Tuesday morning that Gauthier has since been terminated as an employee.

“I speak on behalf of our entire hospital when I say that we are extremely concerned and dismayed that this may have happened at LHSC,” says Dr. Paul Woods, President and CEO of London Health Sciences Centre.

Patients and families are encouraged to reach out to LHSC if they have concerns with the care they have received and potential interactions with Vincent Gauthier. LHSC has set up a dedicated phone line which can be reached at 1-888-443-9202.