Elizabeth Wettlaufer will go straight to trial after preliminary hearing waived

A significant step towards a trial was taken Friday morning for a woman accused of killing eight nursing home patients.

Elizabeth Wettlaufer, 49, made a brief video appearance in a Woodstock courtroom this morning.

Both the Crown and her defence lawyer agreed to skip a preliminary hearing and on April 21 a trial date will be set.

The former nurse is accused of first degree in connection with the deaths of eight elderly patients. She also faces four counts of attempted murder and two of aggravated assault.

Laura Jackson, a friend of victim Moe Granat, says the move toward trial is welcome:

"We're very anxious to have this heard,” says Jackson. “We're very anxious to see justice served. This woman took a loved one from us and that's not right. She didn't have the right."

Susan Horvath, whose father was 75 when he died, thought of the victims after hearing the news.

"They're all looking down on us and being happy that we could go forward,” says Horvath. “Even if it's a little step, it's a big step."