Etobicoke daycare charging up to $300 as a late fee

An Etobicoke daycare is hoping a financial deterrent will force parents to show up on time to pick up their kids.

Park Lawn daycare is going to start charging $10 for the first five minutes a parent is late. The fee reaches $300 after an hour and children's aid may be called if the parent can't be reached over the phone.

The daycare has only been charging $1/minute for the past 30 years and says it's no longer working. In fact, some parents show up late, are charged $10, hand over a $20 bill and say "keep the change for next time."

There aren't an overwhelming number of parents that show up late but when a child is left waiting, the daycare workers that stay behind don't get paid for their time.

Of course, there are sometimes unavoidable circumstances like traffic, health issues, etc. The daycare is willing to be flexible when appropriate. A parent will also be given a choice to appeal their fee.

All the money from the fees will be paid to the workers that stay by the child's side.