Funding cuts could result in changes at Thames Valley District School Board

It appears funding cuts from the province will result in some changes at the Thames Valley District School Board.

CTV News has obtained a memo, from director of education Laura Elliott to board staff that was sent out late Tuesday afternoon.

In it she says, thanks to the end of targeted funding from Queen's Park under the Local Priority Funding model positions hired from this money as of Aug. 31 will end.

Meanwhile, the province has yet to announce or release cash from the "Grants For Student Needs" fund.

The memo says given the uncertainty of this provincial funding all learning coordinator positions and teachers on special assignment positions will be declared surplus - likely affecting more than 100 staff. 

Although Elliott says the board anticipates there will be no job losses after retirements, resignations and through redeployment.

"We're declaring our program staff 'surplus'and they will all have positions back in schools and so we don't anticipate any job loss at the end of the day, recognizing that we will, once we receive our grants, be able to rescind many of those positions through surplus notices and bring many of those staff postions back into our board office"

Craig Smith, president of the Thames Valley Teacher Local of the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario, says the news did cause a bit of a shock.

"I think like a lot of our members we were a little taken aback. But given the climate and given the uncertain times we're in it wasn't a surprise that senior admin indicated that they wanted to speak not only with us but all of the bargaining units."

He adds the news is expected to have a particular impact on 111 of the union's members, but that they understand the board is looking at their entire structure.

Smith also says ETFO will work with human resources on a redeployment plan under the collective agreement.