High winds and waves pummel Lake Erie shoreline amid watches and warnings

Gale force winds Tuesday through Wednesday are expected to bring high waves and possible erosion and flooding along the Lake Erie shoreline.

The Lower Thames Conservation Authority is warning residents in Chatham-Kent and Elgin County that strong, shifting winds could bring waves of two to three metres in height.

Those living along the shoreline are asked to "pay attention to weather forecasts and prepare accordingly."

The Catfish Creek Conservation Authority has issued a similar alert for residents in their area, asking people to stay away from the shoreline and to keep children and pets away as well.

Those warnings remain in effect until Wednesday .

Meanwhile police are reminding motorists to expect the unexpected as those high winds blow debris onto roadways and rain makes them extra slick.

Norfolk County OPP Const. Ed Sanchuk says, "We've had several trees fall in the roadway, and several trees striking moving motor vehicles. So if you do find yourself in that situation, please make sure you stay in control of the vehicle, remain calm and call 911."

The weather is believed to be to blame for a number of accidents on Tuesday.

Power outages were reported on and off across the region Tuesday, including 4,200 people in Port Dover who were without power for part of the day.