Hospital Stabber May Avoid Jail

The Windsor teen charged with a stabbing at Windsor Regional Hospital in August 2017 may avoid jail time.

The youth can't be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

The suspect pleaded guilty but is being assessed as to whether a finding of Not Criminally Responsible will be entered.

On August 19, 2017 a 26-year-old psychiatric patient at the hospital was stabbed in the neck by another psychiatric patient.

The victim suffered a puncture on the back of the neck and a collapsed lung ending up in ICU.

The case led to the introduction of more strict security measures - including metal detectors - for psychiatric patients returning from day passes.

Court was told the suspect had been assessed by several psychologists and a psychiatrist in the following days.

A report indicated the teen suffered auditory hallucinations where he was told to harm others.

One assessment indicated there was a likelihood of schizophrenia.

The judge did not want to simply accept the report without hearing evidence from a witness.

As a result an assessment is being done and the matter returns to court later this month.