It's Going to Cost More to Build in Tecumseh


Despite pleas from the building sector, development fees are going up in the town of Tecumseh.

Council has approved a 10% increase over the next five years beginning September 1st.

James Sylvestre Development Ltd. pled its case to hold the current rates for one more year, but it the end, council voted to move forward with a hike.

The lost revenue over the next year would fall on the town's reserves and taxpayers.

Mayor Gary McNamara says putting the change off for another year is just, "delaying the inevitable" and it's not fair to put the financial burden on residents.

"They've already paid for their services in their neighbourhoods, to ask them now to compensate developers that are coming in, that doesn't make any sense," he says. "I'm a firm believer that growth should be paid for by growth."

McNamara is confident the increase won't have an impact on development in Tecumseh, especially considering the town has some of the lowest rates in Essex County.

"Why would we offer a moratorium when we're actually bringing our fees to match what the construction pricing index is for today and for the next five years," he added.

McNamara says the increase brings Tecumseh's rates on par with the rest of Essex County.