LaSalle Council Approves 0% Tax Rate For 2019

There won't be much change heading into 2019 in LaSalle this tax season.

That's according to a preliminary budget released earlier this week and approved by town council.

LaSalle's administration recommended a 0% Municipal Tax Rate increase on a budget that requires a $2.6-million levy increase over the 2018 Municipal Budget bringing the general levy to $34.3-million.

According to the release, those additional funds are being accounted for through the increase of $1.3-million in new construction, and an additional $1.3-million from phased in re-assessment on existing properties.

Budget sessions began on Jan. 10 and council agreed to accept the numbers on Jan. 11, but the final document won't become official until its Jan 22 regular meeting.

More than $300,000 for the Fire Master Plan that is in process, $500,000 for new service levels that will be identified in all of the other master plans and studies that are currently taking place, $380,000 for potential new positions and other new labour related changes and an additional annual allocation of $640,000 for the replacement of existing capital for storm sewer and drainage infrastructure.
The goals and objectives of the proposal are tied to LaSalle's Corporate Strategic Plan, and are often developed based on feedback from the community and members of Council throughout the year.