LaSalle Councillor Seeks Answers on Coyote Attacks

A LaSalle councillor is looking to the province for some answers as it tries to deal with a growing number of complaints about coyotes.

Jeff Renaud has asked administration for a report and is asking the province to send an official from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to visit the area and answer questions.

It follows a fatal attack by a coyote on a family pet in a backyard on Bouffard Rd. last week.  The coyote had jumped the fence and snatched the little dog, a Yorkie Poo, within seconds.

The town of LaSalle had issued a statement last week indicating that 'managing wildlife is out of our jurisdiction.'

Renaud has heard a few complaints over the last year, but last week's attack has put the issue in the forefront.

"The provincial government has changed and we have seen all kinds of changes in the last six months, maybe there are changes to the way the MNRF deals with coyotes and we don't know that," he says.  "Maybe if we have can somebody come down here and answer these questions because these questions are being fired rapid fire through social media and through the town's channels and maybe if we had somebody else down here, it would help people understand what our options really are."

The town says LaSalle is a unique blend of urban and wooded areas which has led to these types of conflicts.

The town is asking residents to never leave food outside.

--With files from AM800's Teresinha Medeiros and Rob Hindi