Local Brewery Jumps into Online Marketplace

A local brewery is making the move to the online world.

Brew Microbrewery is the first beer business in the region to begin selling its products on the internet.

Brewery Spokesperson, Jordan Goure says the response has been overwhelming since the launch of brewwindsor.com.

The company specializes in a maple beer and for every case sold a maple tree is planted at its hop farm in Amherstburg.

Goure says they'll deliver to your doorstep free of charge.

"Our most popular product in our maple beer. It's made of 100% Canadian maple syrup," he says. "We've been brewing it for about four years. So we thought, 'How can we get it out there without going through the middle man?', which is the big distributors. So we decided e-commerce. So we're the first online beer retailer in Windsor."

Goure says only a few other breweries across the province are selling online.

"We're actually one of only a handful in Ontario that have opened up their e-commerce to beer online. Obviously people are shopping online now. That's where things have been going. We don't want to stop people from coming into our tap room, by no means; we just want to get to the people that won't come in our tap room. People are ordering food online all the time, I'm sure the industry is going to go to beverage next. So we wanted to be on the early, cutting edge of that."

Since the launch of the business, Gord says they've been shipping orders as far away as Toronto.

"Our maple beer is a really unique product. Everyone wants to try it. Online retail really supports unique products and it's been awesome. I actually shipped a couple of cases to Toronto this week. We've done about six or seven deliveries within Windsor. I didn't know what we'd get in the first week and I think we've got 15 to 20 deliveries. So it was pretty awesome."

Brew Microbrewery opened in downtown Windsor in 2014 and, in addition to its maple beer, offers several other beers and wines at its tap room located at 635 University Ave E.