Local company celebrates 75th anniversary with charity giveaway

Dowler-Karn in St. Thomas is funding $75,000 in local projects as it marks its 75th year in business.

The third-generation family company has created the Fueling Communities Give-Away. Until August 17, registered charities and non-profit organizations can register their local community project online at www.DowlerKarn.com or to drop by a Dowler-Karn office to apply in person.

All eligible projects are automatically entered into a draw to win one of ten $500 bursaries.

Charities and non-profits can cpply for up to $10,000.

Each applicant must show they have community support for their projects or services.

Applicants seeking $1,999 and less must have 25 people register online as sponsors, or sign the application, before it will be accepted.

Any applicant looking for $2,000 to $10,000 will have to show they have 50 community members willing to support their project or service. The easiest way to apply or become a sponsor is to go online to www.DowlerKarn.com/Giveaway2018.