London airport touting flights to 'every major Canadian city'

Calgary resident James Bailey is among those who are heralding the growth of London International Airport.

Bailey, originally from Sarnia, Ont., was on his way back west Tuesday, where he shared his ongoing appreciation of the Forest City’s local terminal.

“Instead of having the four hour drive, after flying four hours, the flight here is good, the airport handy and it is nice and easy to get around.”

It’s that sort of attitude London airport officials are again looking to promote. Amidst predicted triple-digit growth over the next year, a new campaign ‘Plane Talk’ has begun.

In essence, it puts the onus on Londoners, and in specific, those in influential positions to pledge to promote the airport.

It launches as airport traffic begins to increase dramatically, starting in just three weeks, as the first of many new flights take off.

New destinations - Abbottsford, B.C.(Vancouver), Edmonton, Halifax, and an additional flight to Calgary - join existing routes to give Londoners, for the first time, daily direct non-stop service to nearly every major city in the country.

Combined with seasonal summer destinations, lulls in traffic, now common at the airport, will become rare.

But Londoners need to use the service to keep it.

Airport president and CEO, Mike Seabrook, says that’s where ‘Plane Talk’ comes in.

Several major boards and business leaders in the city and their staff are pledging to talk up the airport’s convenience and amenities.

As well, the public can log on to the airport’s website to review all the options available to fly from London.

For travellers, as in the past, the debate over using the airport comes down to cost.

Many told CTV News they’d use it more if the prices were the same or close to flying from Toronto.

Seabrook predicts that will happen, as more and more carriers sign-up to take off from London.

Plus, he points out the cost alone to travel by car to Toronto and pay for parking there, often balances out the price, or makes flying from London the more affordable alternative.

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